If your printer is not operating properly, try the suggestion in this chapter to isolate and solve the problem. Charging the battery before it is fully discharged reduces the battery capacity. Printed output does not fade as the cartridge runs out of ink; the printer maintains the same print quality regardless of how many characters have been printed with the cartridge. Customer support for Canadian residents is available at from 9 am to 7 pm, EST except holidays. Connecting the Printer to Your Computer Your printer has an 8-bit, parallel interface port. These signals are valid only in Epson LQ printer control mode.

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Full text of “Canon BJsx User Manual”

Therefore, use only the BC cartridge with this printer. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight. Compare the character set in you computer manual with the printer character sets shown in Canon bubble jet printer bj-10sx C, Printer Mode Command Summaries and Character Sets. To install the ink cartridge, follow these steps: View All Business Products. Avoid touching the yellow mounting base on which you place the cartridge — especially the circuit board on the side of the mounting base and the film cable that extends from the cartridge holder.

Clean the inside of the printer using canned air or a soft cloth to remove any ink mist or paper debris Be sure to clean the areas where the covers are attached to the printer This chapter presents the guidelines for locating your printer, describes how to load paper, envelopes, transparencies, and thick paper in the printer, and provides helpful hints for using the printer on a daily basis and traveling with the canon bubble jet printer bj-10sx.


Try the print operation again. The default setting for both printer control modes is lOcpi. A software error has occurred. The default dither pattern is Fine. When you are ready to print on plain paper, follow these steps: Application printer drivers may override the printer control codes embedded in a canon bubble jet printer bj-10sx. If you are having repeated paper jams, it may be due to the paper you are using. Never unplug the AC adapter when the power is turned on.

Be sure the paper you are using and your printing environment are within the specifications of canon bubble jet printer bj-10sx Bubble Jet Printer BJsx.

The printer sounds 5. Printr the protector cover the parellel port on the right side of the printer. The printer starts to print the self test.

Choose Printer Setup from the File menu. If you have not installed an optional sheet feeder, turn off the Print Manager. If you will be printing only text no graphicsselect LQ cankn if Epson drivers are available.

Canon Bj-10ex Portable Bubble Jet Printer Very Good

Photography adventures to inspire your creativity. The printer sounds a short tone. Ensure that the printer is switched off correctly.

Therefore, use only the BC cartridge with this printer. If they are unable to assist you, please call the Canon help desk at to see if a driver is available.


If you do not find one of these printers on the list, you can select a printer that will have nearly the same operational capabilities as the Bubble Canon bubble jet printer bj-10sx Printer BJ-lOsx.

If, for some reason, your application program does not perform these basic functions, you can control them using the operator panel.

Do not attempt canon bubble jet printer bj-10sx disassemble the cartridge. If you cannot remember the pitch you have selected turn off the printer, wait at least for seconds, and turn it back on. Make sure the printer’s location is near an electrical wall outlet that accepts a three-prong, grounded plug when you are using the B-10sx adapter. If your computer indicates a device time-out, follow these steps: To obtain a copy of this manual, call the Canon Computer Systems Technical Support help desk at Hold nj-10sx printer with one hand and grasp the tab on the battery pack with the other hand.

Each ink cartridge contains enough ink to print about to pagescharacters in HQ mode, and to pages 1, characters in economy mode.