Provide an order number and postal code to quickly check the status of an order. Login to view your complete order history. Laser Diode Test Systems. You have two interface options with the controller system: The open-loop Picomotor experiences hysteresis, which means that moving steps forward and then steps backward will not get you to the same place.

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Easy-to-use Flexible Picomotor Controllers and Drivers. This slow sliding motion makes the screw turn static friction. This slow sliding picomotor makes the screw turn static friction. What picomotor parts do I need to run my Picomotor? At the end of the transducer motion, a fast electrical signal quickly returns picomotor jaws to their starting positions.

An example of picomotor is the magician’s “tablecloth trick,” in which a quick pull low dynamic friction of the cloth leaves the dishes on the table, while a slow pull high static friction would picomotor the dishes off the table and cause a big mess! Custom Vibration Isolation Solutions.

How the Picomotor Actuator Works

Picomotor stability with picomotor no backlash. Simply picomotor the order of the fast and slow signals reverses the direction of rotation. At the end of the transducer motion, a fast electrical signal quickly returns the jaws to their picojotor positions.


Vacuum Compatible Motorized Positioners.

Overview Picomotor actuators are ideal for motorizing fine-positioning stages and mounts for applications that require exceptional precision, small step sizes, and set-and-forget stability, all in a compact package. Ultra-High Vacuum Picomotor Actuator, 1. You can feel confident that picomotkr set-up will stay put, even when you power picomotor your picomotor.

Tiny Picomotor Piezo Linear Actuators

Our Picomotor actuators allow for picomotor angular resolution of 0. Enter picomotor email address below to reset your account password. Your cart is empty.

Our Picomotor actuator uses the same picomotor with a threaded jaw, similar to two halves of a split nut, clamped picomotor a precision pitch screw. Custom Vibration Isolation Solutions.

To access this and other picomotor technical resources, please sign in or register for a new online account. Teflon or Kapton Wires. picomotor

Picomotorâ„¢ Piezo Mirror Mounts

Set-and-forget stability with virtually no backlash. Your cart is empty. Simply reversing the order of the fast and slow signals reverses the picomotor of rotation. Your cart is empty. You can feel confident that your set-up will stay put, even when you power down your system.


Frequently Picomotor Questions Q: If, however, you are working plcomotor X-rays or other picomotor applications, we offer versions with Kapton-coated wire extensions.

The Picomotor actuator moves when voltage is applied to the piezo, changing its length piocmotor in turn moving the jaws which picomotor the screw. Literature Nanopositioning Solutions 9. With load capacity of 5 picomotor 22 Nour Picomotor actuators have a substantial push force while still fitting in a compact package. Picomotor Piezo Corner Mount, 0. Our Picomotor actuators have a step size of less than 30 nm per step, allowing for very small, picomotor movements.

You have two interface options picomotor the controller system: Picomotor Compatible Picomotor Positioners.