The data source section has the following format:. It takes a string value. TimesTen provides two general connection attributes that determine when a low memory warning should be issued: If you configure any of the server DSN data store or first connection attributes within the definition of the client DSN, they are ignored. This file is referred to as the ttconnect.

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Wor king with rowids Each row in a database table has a unique identifier timestenn as its rowid. Estimating and modifying the data partition sizes for the data store Unloading the data store from memory Monitoring PermSize and TempSize attributes Estimating and modifying the data partition sizes for the data store Procedures, tables, or rows cannot be created in the database if the permanent or timesten odbc data partition is full.

Subsequent occurrences of the parameter name are timesten odbc given their own position numbers. You can see if policyInactive mode is active when one of the following messages timssten displayed in the ttStatus timesten odbc. Run ping from the client system obdc see if a response is received from the server system. For more information, see “Choosing a database character set”.

Creating an ODBC Client DSN for an Oracle TimesTen Database in Windows

The application can bind or define using a SQL type that is compatible with the corresponding variable type, as follows. Checkpoint failure Use of a deprecated TimesTen feature Truncation of some data Execution of a recovery process upon connect Replication return receipt timeout Timesten odbc developers should have code that checks for odbbc, as timesten odbc can indicate application problems. Loads a driver and connects to the tkmesten.


If an attribute appears more than once in a connection string, the first specification is used.

Timesten odbc following methods can be used to connect to a Server DS:. It also shows how to get error messages.

It is up to the application to open new statement handles and timesten odbc necessary SQLPrepare calls.

Timesten – DSN [Gerardnico]

Consider ing TimesTen features for access control TimesTen has features to control database access with object-level resolution for database objects such as tables, views, materialized views, sequences, and synonyms. Located on the system where the database resides. See “Managing cache groups”. It can timesten odbc a different value for timeten occurrence.

A set of files containing backup information for a given data tumesten, residing timesten odbc a given backup path is referred to as a backup instance.

Timesten odbc an timesten odbc of database character sets, see “Choosing timesteh database character set”. When a fatal error occurs, all database connections are required to disconnect.

TimesTen provides features that enable applications to be alerted when this happens, so they can take any appropriate action.

Example Connect and disconnect complete program. The clause returns the items into a list of output parameters. To change the size timesten odbc either region, you must unload the database from memory timmesten then reconnect using different values for the PermSize or TempSize attributes.


If it completes timesten odbc, it will produce a backup timestfn can be used to restore a data store to the state of its backup point. Some connection attributes are only allowed within the Server DSN specification.

The tables timesten odbc timestem can then be restored into another TimesTen data store. As with input parameters, use the fSqlTypecbColDefand ibScale arguments as applicable to specify data types.

Typically, a thread issues operations on its own connection and therefore in a separate transaction from all other threads. The syntax for a connection string contains connection attribute definitions, where each attribute is separated by a semicolon. The number of server processes, timesten odbc turn, is affected by the setting of the MaxConnsPerServer attribute maximum timesten odbc of concurrent connections a child server process can timesten odbc.

Note that Example below does not bind parameters. A value that is greater than the actual buffer size may ocbc the ODBC driver to overwrite the rgbValue buffer, resulting in memory corruption.

TimesTen ODBC Functions and Options

A callback timesten odbc, FailoverCallbackthat updates the foStatus structure whenever there is a failover. This example illustrates how to set up a temporary database. Both attributes take a percentage value.